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        As a company employee, we must deeply understand and identify with the company's corporate culture and values. At any time, we should put the interests of the enterprise first. In addition, we should accept and meet the arduous challenges brought by this work with a higher moral and intellectual state.
        1. Enterprise Purpose
        Building Harmonious Organizations Meet Customer Expectations by Making Quality Products for Benefit Enterprises
        2. Business philosophy
        Customer is the foundation of enterprise, management is the source of benefit and quality is the cornerstone of existence.
        3. Enterprise humanistic environment
        Combining humanization with system, the gap between knowledge and self-improvement is constantly improved.
        Qualified Employees: Clearly abide by rules and regulations, pay attention to courtesy and harmonious coexistence, and strive for efficiency and hard work.
        Qualified Manager: Keep responsibility in mind and employees in mind.
        4. Enterprise Talents Policy
        Talent-oriented, ethics-based, moral, both moral and talent, each do his best.
        5. Staff Style
        There are three things to do after being a man: to be honest, not to deceive others; to be diligent and active, not to be lazy and free; to react quickly, not to delay;
        Difficulties and setbacks are always temporary. As long as we work hard, there are more ways than problems.
        Sixth, the values of employees and enterprises:
        Joint Development of Employees and Enterprises
        Show your value with Lean quality and efficient performance
        Enterprises are the platform for owners and employees to survive and develop together. We must maintain them together.
        Enterprise is a big family with owner and employee sharing system, benefit sharing and risk sharing.
        Enterprise is a school. While employees make contributions to the enterprise and get returns, their quality will be improved, and their value will continue to create new highs.


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